Our Philosophy

Advisory Approach

Our approach:

  • Macro level views are formulated at the Global Investment Committee
  • House views are formulated across various asset classes
  • Product ideation and selection is done at the Product Governance Framework
  • Existing investments are reviewed based on the current market outlook
  • Portfolio gaps are identified and product suitability checks are undertaken
  • Portfolio rebalancing is done based on the Investment Charter

Our Risk Management Framework

  • Counter-cyclical investment approach, seeking a margin of safety
    • Valuation at the Centre of Investment Strategy
    • Equal weightage to the fund manager’s skill and aligning the fund style/strategy with the market cycle
  • Institutional credit overlay
  • Portfolio analysis with drill down, till underlying security level
  • Fund selection based on the sustainability of an Alpha, rather than only a historical performance
  • Managing Concentration Risk
  • Focus on timely exits


  • Transparency in terms of advisory fees
  • Investments undertaken under the Direct Plan, only
  • Working by your side - offering a conflict free advice

Ongoing Portfolio Monitoring

Our team monitors your portfolio on an ongoing basis.

Market Assessment > Monthly Manager Analysis > Quarterly Performance Review > Annual Assessment.